Thursday, July 14, 2011


Are you throwing away expensive food?
Food is way too expensive to just toss in the trash!


Introducing a revolutionary new way to keep food fresh. The Fridgenator contains our proprietary ABSORBITE formula. An all natural mineral compound that absorbs harmful gases emitted by all food.

Food releases ethylene gas which causes nasty odors and accelerates the ripening or decaying process. The Fridgenator removes these gases and odors leaving your expensive food lasting longer and smelling fresher, and smell provides more than half the flavor of  tasty food.  The Fridgenator also regulates humidity which can save electricity, by requiring less cooling.

The Fridgenator knocks out harmful gases, eliminates odors and controls humidity. One box lasts up to 6 months.

Get your Fridgenator today and lock in the freshness.
The FRIDGENATOR is an advanced Revolutionary Refrigeration Management System.  A highly engineered cross- ventilated container filled with our proprietary ABSORBITE formula. ABSORBITE is made from all natural mineral compounds that control humidity, eliminate harmful gases and control odors. 

“Ethylene Gas” is what makes food spoil, and the FRIDGENATOR eliminates the ethylene gas within a refrigerator. A number of products like Green Bags and Plastic sealing containers have addressed these problems, but the FRIDGENATOR is the only product that you can put in your Refrigerator and leave for up to 6 months.
Baking Soda is for Baking, not for eliminating odors or harmful gases that spoil food. Only our specially formulated ABSORBITE compound can safely trap these gases. Baking soda glazes over after only a few days, preventing any air from penetrating the newly formed seal. Only FRIDGENATOR can continue to absorb gases and odors for up to 6 months.

N1 Technologies is happy to have this new and Ground Breaking product on retail shelves. 

There are billions of ice boxes and every single one needs a FRIDGENATOR.